Naanstop Monday

Naanstop Monday

We are thrilled to announce Naanstop Monday. Come in for Dinner 🥘 and get complimentary Naan or Garlic Naan.


      Monday Special

A soft white flour bread baked in the tandoor, drizzled with olive oil.


Wild salmon is a real treat and rivers in the British Isles are seeing more and more of them. If you can’t find wild salmon there are some good farmed fish on the market, but bear in mind they probably won’t be able to match the flavour.

Just cut the Naan in two pieces because I’m not hungry enough to eat four

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    You are a genius! What could make soup better than a carby topping? And roast tom soup is my fave 🙂 Stunning photos, as always!

  2. 6

    That is certainly the most gorgeous brie sandwich I’ve ever seen! Any idea on what to substitute for beet pulp for those of us without heavy duty juicers?

  3. 7

    This looks absolutely delicious. Could this be placed in the freezer? And if so do you recommend freezing it before or after it is cooked?

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